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Triumph TR6 SC 1964


Here we have a 1964 TR6 SC this is a very rare genuine machine rarer than the Bonneville TT's which genuine ones are pretty rare these days.

I've been looking for one of these machines for some time now and was lucky enough to find this genuine west coast 1964 model which has been in California all of its life,these bikes where only built for export only.

This bike has fantastic history with it and is a definate keeper !

Updated May 2020


With the lockdown measures in place we have gone through the TR6 SC.

We decided not to completely restore the SC two reasons really it was remarkably good condition considering it is a genuine West Coast desert sled,

also I think it would lose it's history and heritage.

Chris Dean has gone through a lot of this bike for me so far we have -

Fitted Electronic ignition

Replaced the clutch

New chain and sprockets

Overhauled the forks

Replaced the rear shocks

Replaced the tyres

Replaced all the control cables

Full service.

The motor runs sweet the plan is to run it this summer if we get out of lockdown !

Then we will take the motor out in winter and go through the whole thing,

I plan on keeping this bike so its nice to know exactly what has been done.

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