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Triumph TR6 SC 1966


Here we have our next project and it certainly is a project !

However it is an exceptionally rare Triumph 1966 TR6 SC West coast model the original frame and engine are present which makes this well worth undertaking.

Very few a these Factory desert racing motorcycles where built and quite a few will have been scrapped wrote off or blown up I'm hoping to save this one.

Vin numbers have been verified and confirmed genuine.

Dispatched to Johnson Motors California October 1965.

This will be a superb machine when completed.

1966 TR6 SC Taking shape


So quite a bit done on the 1966 TR6 SC  it's taking shape nicely.

Engine & gearbox totally rebuilt by Chris Dean.

Frame & forks & cycle parts all refinished & wheels rebuilt

Paintwork is back soon so should be another update soon.

Rebuild Complete

June 2022

The total rebuild of the 1966 TR6 SC is now complete now to get some miles on it - just in time for summer !

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